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Christopher Jordan

Christopher Jordan, 1 day ago

As we've reached the end of our second full week of distance learning, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of the parents who are helping us from home. We are much better off than some other schools because of our experience using Google Classroom and Chromebooks and because our parents are committed to helping us make this process work. It takes a team effort. As we look forward, we know the next three weeks will be distance learning and I suspect it may be even longer. Thank you top the teachers for their hard work, which has been more hours than a typical school day. And thank you to the students for continuing to learn from home, even those that email me with questions at two in the morning. Everyone keep up the great work, stay safe, and have a great weekend.

Christopher Jordan

Christopher Jordan, 4 days ago

As you have already heard, the stay at home order has been extended through May 1st. Teachers will continue distance learning as long as necessary. As a clarification, when the governor said no report cards, this was school report cards. Student report cards are still in place. Grades are being taken daily. Most students are completing their work in a timely manner. Thank you to the parents that are helping at home.

Christopher Jordan

Christopher Jordan, 9 days ago

Teachers have reported that a number of students are not completing assignments in a timely manor. The assignments count and grades are being taken. Please ensure you child stays up to date with their work. We need to work together to maintain education. Thank you.

Christopher Jordan

Christopher Jordan, 16 days ago

Not all students have checked in via Google Classroom. This concerns me as school will still take place, just online. I want to be sure all students are connected. Please check with your child to make sure they have checked in and joined my Google classroom class.
Thank you

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