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Linda Shaw

Linda Shaw, 1 day ago

Parents and guardians,
We are still working to improve the pick-up process at PWES. Beginning Monday, we are going to dismiss Preschool and their siblings to Door 5 (back of the school) at 2:50. We hope this helps to alleviate the long lines out front. Please follow the schedule; right now we have several people coming an hour or more early and this adds to the congestion. Preschool and siblings: Door 5 at 2:50
Kindergarten, first and second and siblings at 3:10, Door 10, and Grades 3 and 4 will dismiss at Door 5 at 3:25. Thank you all for your patience and cooperation, we will get through this together! #WeAreWest!

Linda Shaw

Linda Shaw, 10 days ago

Beginning Monday, September 14th, we will be asking parents of third and fourth grade students to pick up their children at the back door of the school, door 5 at 3:25. PLEASE do not come early due to Middle School dismissal procedures. Kindergarten, first and second grade students along with their siblings will continue to be dismissed at 3:10 at door 10. In order to decrease the congestion on our campus and Highway 52, please arrive at the designated times. We really appreciate your cooperation. #WeAreWest

Linda Shaw

Linda Shaw, 13 days ago

PWES parents,
Thank you for your patience with drop off and pick up. It will get smoother each day. Please remember k-1 and siblings dismiss at 3:10 and 2-4 is at 3:25.


Linda Shaw

Linda Shaw, 15 days ago

Parents and Guardians,
Please check to make sure that all of your child’s FinalForms are completed before Tuesday. The link can be found on the school website at
Thank you and have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

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