Chorus competes at Solo & Ensemble
Chorus competes at Solo & Ensemble
Monday, April 08, 2019

Results of the Solo & Ensemble Adjudicated Event on Saturday:
Saturday's excellents and superiors!
Girls’ ensemble B “My Memory” 2 Excellent
Mixed ensemble “Celtic Blessing” 2 Excellent
Macie Jones Vocal Solo 2 Excellent
Noah Williams Vocal Solo 1 Superior
Emily Hammond Vocal Solo 1 Superior
Adri Quirasco Vocal Solo 2 Excellent
Lexi Carver 2 Vocal Solo Excellent
Marrissa Ginn Vocal Solo 2 Excellent
Sara Carter Vocal Solo 2 Excellent
Shaylin Penix Vocal Solo 2 Excellent
Samantha Gray Vocal Solo 1 Superior
Noah Williams Trombone Solo 1 Superior
Charlotte Gray Trombone Solo 1 Superior
Deaglan Wolfe, Sara Carter, Janna Grobowski Woodwind Trio 2 Excellent
Girls’ Ensemble A "Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier" 1 Superior
Great work by all our students who worked very hard on all their music!