Title I Parent Compact

The purpose of the SCHOOL-PARENT COMPACT is to build and foster the development of a school-parent partnership to help all children achieve the federal, state and district’s standards. Responsibility for improved student achievement must be shared by parents, students, and teachers.

Title I Parent Compact

Project EASE - Students, Parents, Teachers

Early Access to Success in Education (EASE), is a parent-child program that brings together parents, teachers, and students in developing good practices for success in reading. Involving families is a major focus of the Project EASE program. The activities are designed to share ideas for boosting literacy development at home. Mrs. Sheila Bobst, Literacy Specialist, Kindergarten teachers, and Key Club students invite students and families to the elementary five times a year to participate in the enjoyable evening. Key Club members provide a Kiddie Care for younger children and pizza and drinks are served to all.

Students, Parents, & Teachers at the September 20, 2016 "Cracking the Code" Project EASE