April 5, 2019

Welcome the Washington-Nile Local Schools new Website. We are very excited to launch a new mobile app that helps students, parents and community members know what is happening on campus. We know that many families are using smartphones as a primary means to communicate so we have created an app that is custom-built for your mobile phones. On the app, you can find cafeteria menus, real-time sports scores, contact information for staff, and event information. You can download the app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

We have many new and exciting projects in our district. Below is a quick update on the progress of a few of our projects:

  • We now have on our website an anonymous reporting system for safety concerns of staff and students. The 24/7 online and telephone systems for students and parents for reporting safety concerns and bullying incidents, with built-in communication tools that immediately notify school administrators. Attendants are available (with the telephone option) to initiate contact with various national crisis hotlines if a student needs help in dealing with a personal emergency.
  • Ballistic film has been installed at each building and we plan to install additional film this summer. This is a safety feature that will make it significantly more difficult for an armed intruder to enter our buildings.
  • Our safety plan has been approved by the Department of Homeland Security. We will be meeting with first-responders on April 16th to update them on procedures and review reunification plans.
  • The Attorney General’s grant approved earlier this year will be used for safety training in the event of an intruder. Administrators will be trained this spring and teacher training will take place at the beginning of next year.
  • The athletic building is well on its way to completion. Currently, Distel Construction is on site working on the interior phase and exterior concrete work. West End Electric is running conduit and working to install electricity to the building, press box, and score boards. BB&E will install plumbing and Quality Heating and Air will be installing the HVAC system. This is a significant investment for the district and we want to ensure that it is a quality product.
  • Our music department did an excellent job on their most recent performance, Mamma Mia. This was the first opportunity to use the new professional grade lighting and sound system installed in the cafeteria.
  • New software is being installed for the HVAC system at the middle school. It will better regulate the temperature and humidity. We are excited that the Board of Education approved a maintenance contract with VISTA to manage our new systems.

We are in the process of planning several projects/improvements for the summer. Some of the projects include:

  • As social/emotional needs of our student’s increase and become more prominent, we find it necessary to add personnel. This year we will be adding an additional counselor to our staff.
  • Replacing sinks and hand dryers throughout the district.
  • Installing a new entrance at the high school to improve the safety of our student body
  • Replacing sound systems in the gyms of the middle and high schools and the varsity football field.
  • Purchasing a new electronic sign for our front entrance. A new sign is required due to the unavailability of replacement parts for the current message board.
  • Performing maintenance needs on the backboard and bleachers of all three school gyms.
  • Installing a drainage system behind the middle school on the football practice field.
  • Exploring Positive Fire Alarm Sequencing as a safety measure.
  • Purchasing updated math curriculum for the high school.

The above is only a portion of projects going on throughout the district. I appreciate the extremely long hours and hard work people are selflessly giving for our students.

On behalf of the students, staff and Board of Education, thank you for your continued support of Washington-Nile Local Schools.

Anthony Bazler