Portsmouth West Elementary: Spring Field Trip Schedule

May 13 > Kindergarten to ETC park

                     Mrs. Berry & Mrs. Adkins Preschool classes to ETC Park

May 19 > Mrs. Riber, Mrs. Russell and Ms. Dene's classes to ETC Park

May 21 > 4th grade to Camp Oyo

May 25 > Mrs. Riber & Mrs. Russell's classes to the Splashpad

May 26 > 1st grade to ETC Park

                       Mrs. Berry & Mrs. Adkins Preschool classes to Splashpad

May 27 > Preschool's last day

May 28 > 3rd grade to Splashpad

June 1 > 4th grade to the Splashpad

                    Kindergarten's  Track & Field day

June 2 > 4th grade Cincinnati Reds trip

                     Kindergarten's last day

June 3 > 1st grade to the Splashpad

June 4 > 2nd grade to the Splashpad

                     Last day for all students

IMPORTANT: All parents need to update their child's FinalForms to insure you receive information for this year and next promptly!

Kindargarten Registration will be June 3rd & 4th by appointment only.

To register a students: go online to * click on Menu * under the heading "Quick Links for Students/Parents * click on FinalForms