PWES recognizes that effective school-family partnerships are critical to student learning and success in school.

Research shows that students receive the following benefits from a collaborative partnership with the school, the family and the community: higher grades and test scores, better attendance and homework completion, fewer placements in special education, more positive attitudes and behavior, higher graduation rates and greater enrollment in postsecondary education. The gain for families includes: improved understanding of their child’s development, improved ability to parent, improved ability to assist their children with school and learning, and improved relationships among all stakeholders.

PWES BLT Committee:

Alisha Adkins-PK teacher

Marcy Augustin-K teacher

Joyce Banks-First Grade teacher

Heather Howard-Second Grade teacher

Drew Phillips-Third Grade Teacher

Amber Kasper-Fourth Grade Intervention Specialist

Alison Sayre-Curriculum Director

Lisa Spriggs-Math Coach

Keri Bivens-Literacy Coach

Linda Shaw-Principal

Andea Kegley-Asst.Principal