PW Swim Team with Safety Buckets

PW Swim Team recently worked hard creating “Lockdown Buckets” for classrooms and offices district-wide. Working with the WNLSD Safety Committee, team members decided the buckets would be a good  way to provide various supplies useful during a lockdown situation. They formed a committee determined cost, then solicited local businesses for donations, collected and filled the buckets.

The team, and WNLSD, would like to thank the following  for their generous donations and time: Nile Township Fire Department; Matthew F. Loesch; Buckler & Sturgill and  those who wish to remain anonymous. Special thanks to the Mr. Bazler, Mrs. Patterson, and the WN School Board for their support.

The PWHS Swim Team hopes to inspire other students to help make their schools safer and challenges the other local High School students to find a way to help.

2019-2020 SWIM TEAM MEMBERS: SENIORS Abe Blevins, Madison Howard, Mitchell Malnar. JUNIORS Madison Gilley, Caleb Hazelbaker, Gary Jenkins, Ashlyn Pfau, Hayden Runions, Jalynn Williams, Bailee Wireman. SOPHOMORE Sharon Macias. FRESHMEN: Sydney Burchett, Carson Malnar, Aiden Robinson, Isaac Howard, Ethan Hazelbaker. Coach Eric Nichols