Dr. Hazeldean Myers, 2019 Alumni Hall of Fame

Dr. Meyers graduated from Washington High School 1950. She started her career in education in 1956, and continued it until the last few years. She fulfilled her educational role as a teacher, Head mistress, principal, college professor and Ohio Department of Education consultant.

 She has authored three (3) books on English Language Arts and conducted statewide conferences on English composition. But most importantly, Dr. Meyers never forgot her elementary and high school education in the Washington-Nile Local School District. Even though Hazeldean has no children, she wanted West students to have the same chance she had for a college education. Hence, Dr. Meyers contacted the Washington-Nile administration and requested to structure the Portsmouth West Alumni Association with the major goal of an annual scholarship for a deserving senior. Without her initial efforts for structure and implementation there would be no Portsmouth West Alumni Association.

 Dr. Meyers further extended her educational opportunities for West students by creating an annual Hazeldean Meyers Scholarship. Dr. Meyers hasn’t lived in the school district since high school graduation, but she has never forgotten her roots and has made a positive impact for West students for more than 30 years through scholarships. She is very deserving of this honor.