Students in Mrs. Riber’s MD classroom opened “The Mocha House” at the elementary. Ms. Gilley’s students participated also, each Friday serving coffee, hot  chocolate, donuts, fruit cups and other items to staff and students. Students took full ownership of the café; taking orders, managing the cash register, making orders/food, and delivering to teachers. Proceeds supported their Mother’s Day activities, a field trip to Shawnee State Forest and a staff wellness breakfast.

Many of the students made great strides this year, achieving many “firsts” in their academic, social and personal lives. A student said his first words in a classroom  in front of five adults and learned two new American Sign Language signs. One student can now write his own story using a word bank. Several have learned to use self-regulation tools , calming techniques and timers to help control stress, defiance, and tantrums.

Counting by 5’s to $7.00, learning enough sight words to read a book for the first time ever,  moving throughout the building alone, wanting to help their peers, and making true friends for the first time were also part of this very successful year for elementary MD students.


  Braydyn Frost makes change at 'The Mocha House'


      Mrs. Riber's class proudly display all the goodies available at

                             'The Mocha House'


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