TACKLE FOR A CURE T-shirts will be available for pre-paid orders on October 1. Shirts will be $15.00 each with checks made payable to PWHS CHOIR (Tackle). (Slight upcharge for larger sizes)

Sponsorships for our teams’ October home game touchdowns will also be available. The culminating activities for our Project and the community Pink Out will be during the Wheelersburg game on October 26, 2018.

Also, chainlink sells are being held in the cafeteria. Each Chain-link is $25. 

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If possible, plan to attend UCAN College Night at SOMC Friends Center Oct. 24 from 5:30-7:00.  Numerous scholarships are awarded.  For the past three years, at least one West student has won!  

2018 Football Homecoming Spirit Week


Monday: Pajama Day

Tuesday: Tie-Dye Day

Wednesday: Crazy School Spirit

Thursday: Frat Day

Friday: Homecoming Shirts


by Chris Hayslip

Pictured L to R: Senior Tyler Brown, Junior Owen McNeil, Sophomore Westley Montavon, Freshman Sharon Macias

Congratulations to our newly elected class officers!

Senior Class:

Molly Taylor (President), Levi Gleim (Vice-president), Ivy Ferguson (Secretary), Tyler Brown (Treasurer) 


Junior Class: 

Mitchell Malnar (President), Joe Igaz (Vice-president), Caleb Journey (Secretary), Breanna Skaggs (Treasurer)


Sophomore Class:

Trenton Fike (President), Evan Green (Vice-president), Ashayla Adia (Secretary), Kyle Howell (Treasurer)


Freshman Class:

Natalie Mershon (President), Hannah Baver (Vice-president), Kenzie Miller (Secretary), Brennan Overby (Treasurer) 

High School