The West Ohio Model United Nations group traveled to Columbus, Sunday, December 2-4, to take part in Ohio’s largest mock United Nations. West students represented three nations, Antigua-Barbuda, Lesotho, and Senegal. After researching, each group wrote and presented a resolution to their appropriate councils. 
Antigua-Barbuda proposed to their Security Council a plan for reconstruction after hurricane Irma’s destruction. Their innovative plan focused on rebuilding structures with a circular design to deflect hurricane force winds. 
Lesotho’s delegates tackled the issue of the AIDS epidemic this nation is experiencing. Their resolution presented to its International Court a plan to medically monitor and treat infected patients. This group’s resolution included a clause that targeted individuals who commit sex crimes which results in an increase to the spread of the virus. 
Our delegates from Senegal presented to the Economic and Social Council a proposal to reverse the effects of desertification. Their plan included the creation of an irrigation system and a drainage system to reduce salt levels in the soil.  These systems would be incrementally created, and as field crops began to profit, then further systems could be installed. 
West OMUN delegates also experienced and participated in lively debate during the General Assembly sessions. They found that the more involved they were, the richer their experience grew. They attended a formal luncheon and a celebration from various native cultural talents. While there, they also enjoyed debating and supporting various county teams such as Valley, Minford, and Notre Dame. 
Juniors Abbie Pack and Emily Sissel were recognized with Outstanding Delegates Awards. Sophomores Jared Opperman and Dylan Essman we’re invited to join the OMUN Student Advisory Board.  They will be charged with attending future meeting and leadership instruction, including a summer workshop experience. Their fees will be waived with a scholarship award if they decide to join.  
Plans are already set for next year’s trip. Students have selected their nations and are eager to get started once more. The OMUN advisors are Alison and Richard Smalley. 

Click on the photo above to view the Google Photos album of their OMUN experience.

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