Operation Thank You

Food Drive for Veterans

Mrs. Morgan's classrooms will partner with Scioto County RSVP and COMPASS Community Health to collect food for our local veterans.

  • Goal: Serve 175 Scioto County veterans
  • Kick Off: September 11, 2018 ( September 11th is the National Day of Service and Remembrance.)
  • Bring food/donations to school between September 13th and November 2nd.
  • Suggested Items:
    • Pre-School & Kindergarten: Loaves of bread, snack packs of crackers, cookies, cakes.
    • 1st Grade & 2nd Grade: Soups, crackers and peanut butter.
    • 3rd Grade: Canned fruits, canned vegetables and canned meats.
    • 4th Grade: Nuts, oatmeal, spaghetti noddles & jars/cans spaghetti sauce        
  • Leave food/donations in homeroom classrooms.
  • Food/donations will be picked up every Friday.
  • The homeroom with the highest amount of donations will receive a pizza party.
  • Food delivery date for the veterans: November 9, 2018
  • Please encourage your students/children to participate in this important community service. 


PW Elementary staff and students welcomed Mrs. Amanda Sherman as the new Vocal Music teacher this past school year. She previously taught vocal music grades k-12 at Clay Schools for 8 years, a School Counselor at Green School for 3 years, and was the Talented & Gifted Coordinator for W-N during the 2016-17 school year.

“My first year as the Music Teacher at PWES was a blast. I love teaching music fundamentals to elementary age students, and  I love seeing their knowledge and love for music grow. I’m very happy doing what I’m doing and have enjoyed being a part of the Senator family.”

Mrs. Sherman’s love for music, and for teaching music, was evident throughout the school year. In November, she coordinated the wonderful Veteran’s Day Ceremony, bringing together elementary and middle school students to perform several songs. Elementary students also present annual Christmas and Spring Programs.

“My favorite quote is by Hans Christian Anderson—Where words fail, music speaks.” The words, nor the music, failed when students sang and danced performing inspirational and uplifting songs. Songs about kindness, daring to dream, making a difference, believing in yourself, and smiling was the message elementary students shared at their Spring programs this year.

Staff and students are so happy to have Mrs. Sherman as part of our PWE family!




A Great Beginning

The story of your child's school year is about to unfold. A strong opening chapter will help to set the tone for a great year. Try these strategies.

Introduce the Characters

Your youngster's teacher will play an important role in his life this year. Write her a short note, and attach a picture of your family. You might mention your child's hobbies, favorite school subjects, and family members' names. Also, find out how the teacher prefers to be contacted. Getting to know each other now will help you work together in future "chapters."

Get to Know the Setting

Invite your youngster to tell you about his classroom, the library, and other places at school. What decorations hang on the walls? What books or games are on the shelves? When possible, see for yourself by going to events like book fairs and math nights. Idea: Encourage him to draw you a picture of his classroom to hang on the refrigerator.

Enjoy the Plot

Attend back-to-school night to find out what your child will learn this year. Then, plan family outings or activities related to the topics. If he'll study your state's history, you could visit historic sites. Or if there's a plant unit, let him help you work in the garden or plant seeds in pots.


 Routines that Stick

Little habits make a big difference in the kind of day you and your youngster have. Here are things each of you could do to create routines for smooth days.

Your child can: Make a picture chart of what she need to do every morning, afternoon, and evening. She might draw a backpack as a reminder to show you papers she brings home. A picture of a violin could prompt her to practice her instrument.  

You can: Have her go to bed in time to get 9-11 hours of sleep and to eat a healthy breakfast in the morning. Set aside downtime after a busy day (perhaps 20 minutes when she gets home) so she'll be recharged for homework, chores, and family time. 


Attendance Adds Up!

Students who attend school regularly tend to have better attitudes toward school--and they're more likely to read at grade level. Try to schedule your child's doctor and dentist appointments outside of school hours. Also, be sure to create a backup plan for getting her to school if she misses the bus or you can't drive her.


The Importance of Integrity

What would your youngster say if a classmate asked him to cheat? Talk to him about how to respond if he's pressured to share answers or let others copy his work. For example, he could say, "Let's study together so we both do well," or "I don't want to risk getting a zero."


Did You Know?

The average child with a parent in the military moves every two to three years. Encourage your youngster to introduce herself to all new students. If you're a military family, contact your school liaison officer and the school counselor about programs available to help your child adjust.


Strengthen Social Skills

School is more pleasant for everyone when children share classroom materials and compromise to solve problems. Consider this advice for improving your youngster's social skills so she learns to get along with others now and later.

Practice Sharing: Do activities with your child that require sharing. For example, color together, and let her practice asking for the purple or the green crayon nicely. She could say, "May I use that when you're done?". And you might reply, "Sure, I'll give it to you as soon as I finish coloring this dragon."

Learn to Compromise: Your youngster and her classmates may disagree on how to approach a group project or a science experiment. Help her to prepare by looking for ways to find middle ground at home. Say she and a sibling argue over what book they'd like you to read at bedtime. They could take turns choosing a story every other night or ask you to read one chapter from each book. If they can't compromise, offer a suggestion like reading a book you child.




 To Parents of drop-off/picked-up students. Please read the following carefully. These are important guidelines to follow regarding the safety of your child.

1. Please have your children ready when you pull up to the curb. Pull forward as far as possible and let your children enter from the sidewalk side of the car. Multiple cars can let students off at same time.

2. Students dropped off before 8:15 or after 8:50 need to be let out on the sidewalk side of the car at the corner nearest the main office and they will enter through the main office doors.

2. Please, unless you have a handicap permit,  DO NOT park in handicap parking spaces.

3. Please, DO NOT drop your children off in the middle of the parking spaces and have them walk through traffic.

4. If you are coming into the building with your child, please park in a designated parking space, NOT in the drop-off lane.

5. Please, DO NOT block the small lot by the cafeteria entrance door (door #9).

6. Please, DO NOT park in the Bus lot.

7. Please, Remember, children are NOT to walk to cars without a parent escort.

Most Importantly! Please remember to be patient and considerate of others.

Thank you for your cooperation in making morning arrivals and afternoon dismissals a safe and secure environment for all West Elementary students.



*All students grades K-12 must have the required immunizations before they will be permitted to attend school.

*Complete and up-to-date immunization records must be on-file for each student.

*Grades 7 thru 9 must have the MCV4, Meningococcal Vaccine. May also apply to some grade 12 students.

*New Medication Dispensation Forms and any other required documents concerning the healthcare of your child must be filled out at the beginning of each school year.


2018-2019 Immunization Requirement Guide

Sarah Betten

School Nurse

740 858-3867

One of Portsmouth West Elementary's 4th grade teachers, Jennifer Morgan, is now also a local author with the publishing of her new book Bridge Lane.  The book follows a fourth-grade student named Anna as she endures the many adversities of being homeless, but receives compassion from a new friend.

Please join author Jennifer Morgan as well as her co-author Jessica Lincecum and illustrator Charlie Haskins for the launch of their new book.  For more information about the book, you can visit https://www.facebook.com/bridgelanebook/

Thursday, May 3rd, 2018
5:30pm — 7:00pm @ Market Street Cafe


Congratulations to Jennifer Morgan on her success from everyone at Portsmouth West Elementary!

Elementary School