New elementary librarian, Mrs. Kim Osman, has added color, excitement, and lots of enthusiasm this year for students and staff alike when visiting the library. An elementary teacher for the past 23 years, Mrs. Osman recently completed her Library Certification and was very excited to bring new services and implement many new changes at PWE.

One of the most obvious changes she brought is the vibrant blue and orange colors that brightens the library wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling. New bean bag chairs scattered about the room allow students to find that perfect place to settle in and read a good book on their own or with a partner during paired reading sessions.

With a focus on information literacy, Mrs. Osman is teaching students how to use the digital card catalog to find books from all genres, covering many topics. Students are also learning how to evaluate information gathered from their library and online searches. They are asked to determine the reliability of the source, whether the information is good, bad, or unproven, and how the information applies to the task at hand.

Book literacy skills are reinforced during class library periods as students learn to identify the various features of books including items like genre, recognizing the author, use of the glossary, table of content and index.  Each month a new author is chosen and students spend time reading, discussing, and writing about the author’s writing style and content. 

Mrs. Osman coordinates library lessons with grade level classroom lessons each month. This enhances overall student progress in mastering concepts and skills. Keyboarding is another important skill practiced. Using, students are able to improve typing skills in order to better meet today’s testing requirements and everyday use of technology in all aspects of life. Kindergarten students are very excited when visiting the library. This semester will be the first time they get to checkout books, hooray for Kindergarten!

PWE students and staff  are very happy to welcome Mrs. Osman as our new librarian and are looking forward to all the great things to come!

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Fourteen 4th grade students participated in the annual Spelling Bee this past Friday. Austin Holsinger spelled his way to Bee Champion and will represent West Elementary at the County Spelling Bee. Gabe McNeil was 1st runner-up and Aedin Strickland was 2nd runner-up. Congratulations to all our 4th grade spellers! Good Luck Austin in the County Bee!!! We're all r-o-o-t-i-n-g for you!

Seated l-r: Sidney Kammer, Naomi Luster, 1st Runner-up Gabe McNeil, Bee Champion Austin Holsinger, Maycee Ford, Kate Entler.

Standing l-r: Aiden Strickland, Jeremy Gravely, Zachary Holsinger, Colten Lamblin, Logan Ralstin, Elijah Kasper, Ethan York, Bo Wroten.

1st Runner-up Gabe McNeil and Bee Champ Austin Holsinger

First grade teacher, Madison Rapp, was among the top 100 RESA scores in the state of Ohio in June of 2017. RESA, the Ohio Resident Educator Summative Assessment, is part of the four year Resident Educator Program and is taken in the 3rd year of the program. Assisting beginning teachers with mentoring and professional development as a start to their education careers, assisting educators to more effective practices and excellence in learning.

“After completing the Resident Educator Program for 3 years, I was anxious to receive my RESA scores. I worked on the RESA with my students from October to February. After putting in so many long hours working the RESA, I was just hoping to receive passing scores. When I was notified about scoring in the top 100, I was surprised. I felt proud that all of the hard work I put into the past three years had paid off, and relieved to be finished the Resident Educator Program,” Ms. Rapp said.

Congratulations Ms. Rapp!




Portsmouth West Elementary is proud to announce our preschool program has been awarded the highest rating in Ohio's Step Up to Quality System. The 5-Star rating means Portsmouth West children are in a program that had demonstrated the highest level of quality. There are more staff members per child, staff have high educational qualifications, staff receive more than 20 hours of specialized training every two years, teachers develop lessons that support each child's growth, and families and community are valued. Staff include: Alisha Adkins, Amy Berry, Erica Hall, Angela Opperman, and Alison Sayre.

       Mrs. Adkin's class gets a visit from Mickey and Minnie!



2nd Grade - Leotie Carman                                            3rd Grade - Benjamin Sparks

Pictured with Elementary Assistant Principal, Mrs. Linda Shaw & W-N Board President, Mr. Craig Hazelbaker.

November, not pictured: 1st Grade - Ryder McCormick; 4th Grade - Lauren Gambill

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Seated l-r: Max Rapp, Eileen Rapp, Kenneth Rapp, Earl Jeffers. Standing: Eric Nichols, Lisa Rapp-Hafer, Madison Rapp, Chris Rapp, Becki Rapp, Bill Platzer, Melanie Jeffers Ogg, Bill Ogg. 

It was a special Veteran's Day ceremony for two local World War II veterans. A representative from Ohio Governor Kasich's office presented Mr. Kenneth Rapp and Mr. Earl Jeffers with a State of Ohio Resolution recognizing their service and sacrifice in WWII and enjoining all in thanking them for their service.  

Mr. Rapp served as a combat medic with the 7th Army during The Battle of the Bulge and later the 3rd Army under General George Patton. As the war came to an end, Mr. Rapp was present when the Allied forces liberated the prisoners that were held at the Dachau Concentration Camp. The experience at Dachau left a lasting impression that he carries with him always.

Mr. Jeffers served in the Army's 188th Glider Infantry Regiment, 11th Airborne Division (July 1945 became the 188th Parachute IR) in the Pacific Theatre, including the Philippine Islands, New Guinea, and Japan. He received the Bronze Star for Bravery and was part of the Los Banos POW Camp Liberation in the Philippines. 

LTC Eric G. Nichols, PW Special Education Director, served with the 25th Infantry Division in Afghanistan in 2004-2005. While serving in Afghanistan, he was the Officer in  Charge (OIC) of an Engineer Mobile Training Team (MTT) stationed at Camp Phoenix, the Kabul Military Training Center, Camp Blackhorse and the Afghan National Army Advanced Training Center, Camp Pol'Charki. His Engineer MTT was responsible for establishing the first, post-Taliban Engineer School within the Afghan National Army. Mr. Nichols has served for 29 years and still serves as an Adjunct Professor for the Command and General Staff Officer's Course at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

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