After reading about Michelangelo and learning about the Sistine Chapel, 4th grade Visual Arts Enrichment students were inspired to paint the ceiling in the art room! They decided on a more abstract, modern and colorful style but still think they have created quite a masterpiece



Mrs. Platzer's Art students took Pablo Picasso's cubism to the next level, painting vibrant and unique cubes of "Picasso Faces" using discarded computer boxes. Working together on the cubes, students drew upon the inspiration of Picasso's cubist period, creating their own 'Picasso Face' to share with all. 

Vincent Van Gogh is known for his contrasting colors and his impasto style filled with hatch strokes and rolling, pulsing motions of his paintbrush. Van Gogh would stroke his paint on the canvas with a knife, or brush - almost like working with clay - the paint strokes forming marks with textures. One of his most famous paintings in his 'Sunflowers'.


Students grew a field of sunflowers to place in their vision of Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers'. Third graders use their talents and creativity drawing their sunflowers.


Elementary Level Educational Websites: Visual Arts, Music, Library Science, Physical Education & Health

Visual Arts

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Denver Art Museum: Teacher Resources over 138 different art object lessons with sculptures, paintings, ancient relics, woven art, pottery, clothing, and other types of object of art. Lessons provide various types of teaching resources, some providing more including videos, lessons plans by grade level, details, history of object, pictures. For teachers, parents, and students.

Teachnology: Curriculum for All School Subject Areas offers over 8,000 free download/printable K-12 worksheets and lessons for all school subjects and grade levels. For teachers, parents, and students.

The Smithsonian: Education Art & Design offers download/printable lesson plans, pictures, and sheets on various topics of art and design. 

Incredible Art Department free art lessons, news, art resources, art careers, schools, and help for new art teachers. For teachers, parents, and students.


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