lemonade   lemonade

  Grace, Miley, Maddi, Sophie, and Rilee                                  Jayla, Gracie, and Janecca

Mrs. Roberts' and Mrs. Hurst's third grade classes have been working collaboratively on a lemonade stand project over the past several weeks. Through this project they've learned many important social studies and math skills. They've learned about producers, consumers, supply and demand, economic decision making and many more concepts. Once they targeted their consumer base they came up with marketing strategies such as including candy and Pokemon cards with lemonade purchases. The best locations were scouted out first- right outside the cafeteria doors. They made a supply list and a budget and asked for donations. They've learned important facets of bartering and markets. It was a wonderful experience which culminated in a fun day of selling lemonade. The students were in a contest to see which teams could earn the most "West Bucks." The winning teams were: Mrs. Hurst's Sophie Phillips, Maddi Lawless, Grace Conley, Rilee Pollard and Miley Roe with a total of $73 in West Bucks and Mrs. Roberts' Janecca Marsh, Jayla Bricker and Gracie Stevens with a total of $94 in West Bucks. #WeAreWest

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