Congratulations to PWES Student of the Month recipients!

November PWES Students of the Month


           Bryson Horsley > 1st Grade                                       Aurrie Soard > 2nd Grade


               Logan Hatfield > 3rd Grade                                    Anthony Bishop > 4th Grade

October PWES Students of the Month


       Nevaeh Jarrell > 1st Grade                                      Dean Rapp > 1st Grade


             Gary Cook > 2nd  Grade                                        Leotie Carman > 3rd Grade

                Eron Biggs > 4th Grade

PWES September Students of the Month


           Addison Boland > 1st Grade                                   Bryson Roy > 2nd Grade


          Rilee Pollard > 3rd Grade                                          Ava Baker > 4th Grade


Jenny Richards, Naturalist with Shawnee State Forest, recently visited with Mrs. Raines' fourth grade students and brought several other visitors with her, a tortoise and lizard! Students enjoyed the opportunity to learn about the small forest creatures and also had the chance to hold them. PWES looks forward to her next visit and the opportunity to learn more about our forest and the creatures that dwell within! Thank Jenny Richards for your time and knowledge!


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PWES is very proud to announce that 1st grade teacher Mrs. Kristina Bradford was recently chosen as one of Scioto County's 'Best Teacher' in the Portsmouth Daily Times 'Best Of' voting.

Mrs. Bradford has been teaching for 17 years, the last 4 years at Portsmouth West Elementary.  She said, "I am thankful to have joined our Washington-Nile family 4 years ago. I currently teach first grade and enjoy every moment. I look forward to the excitement they bring to learning and the hugs they want to share. The learning experiences that we share in the our classroom are what this is all about. Watching my kids learn and grow is priceless. They are the reasons for the teaching opportunities I've been given to earn this award and for them I am thankful!"

Thank you Mrs. Bradford for all you do for your students and PWES! 

#WeAreWest!!   #WeLoveMrsBradford!!!



Students, parents, grandparents, and teachers alike enjoyed themselves at the 4th Annual Math & Literacy Night this past week. Math & Literacy night invites families to come participate, and learn, about easy, fun effective methods to help with student learning. Elementary and middle school students, along with teachers, had stations all around the gym where families could participate in various activities, ask questions, and get information about several school support groups such as Parent-Teacher Club, PTC. 

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lemonade   lemonade

  Grace, Miley, Maddi, Sophie, and Rilee                               Jayla, Gracie, and Janecca

Mrs. Roberts' and Mrs. Hurst's third grade classes have been working collaboratively on a lemonade stand project over the past several weeks. Through this project they've learned many important social studies and math skills. They've learned about producers, consumers, supply and demand, economic decision making and many more concepts. Once they targeted their consumer base they came up with marketing strategies such as including candy and Pokemon cards with lemonade purchases. The best locations were scouted out first- right outside the cafeteria doors. They made a supply list and a budget and asked for donations. They've learned important facets of bartering and markets. It was a wonderful experience which culminated in a fun day of selling lemonade. The students were in a contest to see which teams could earn the most "West Bucks." The winning teams were: Mrs. Hurst's Sophie Phillips, Maddi Lawless, Grace Conley, Rilee Pollard and Miley Roe with a total of $73 in West Bucks and Mrs. Roberts' Janecca Marsh, Jayla Bricker and Gracie Stevens with a total of $94 in West Bucks. #WeAreWest

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'Tailgating with the Teachers' night was a great success and much fun was had by everyone! 

tailgate with teachers    tailgate with teachers

tailgate with teachers    tailgate with teachers




Operation Thank You

Food Drive for Veterans

Mrs. Morgan's classrooms will partner with Scioto County RSVP and COMPASS Community Health to collect food for our local veterans.

  • Goal: Serve 175 Scioto County veterans
  • Kick Off: September 11, 2018 ( September 11th is the National Day of Service and Remembrance.)
  • Bring food/donations to school between September 13th and November 2nd.
  • Suggested Items:
    • Pre-School & Kindergarten: Loaves of bread, snack packs of crackers, cookies, cakes.
    • 1st Grade & 2nd Grade: Soups, crackers and peanut butter.
    • 3rd Grade: Canned fruits, canned vegetables and canned meats.
    • 4th Grade: Nuts, oatmeal, spaghetti noddles & jars/cans spaghetti sauce        
  • Leave food/donations in homeroom classrooms.
  • Food/donations will be picked up every Friday.
  • The homeroom with the highest amount of donations will receive a pizza party.
  • Food delivery date for the veterans: November 9, 2018
  • Please encourage your students/children to participate in this important community service. 

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