Bus #107

Route 52 West of Route 125 to Buena Vista, Upper Twin Creek, Lower Twin Creek, Tipton Lane, Wamsley Road, Ziegler Lane, Burts/Jane Lane, Nile Lane

A.M. for MS & HS

Proceed west on Route 52 to right turn on Upper Twin Creek, proceed to turn around area, first pick up at 6:30. Proceed to Route 52 & Upper Twin Creek 6:40. Turn right on Route 52 and proceed to right turn on Lower Twin Creek 6:45. Proceed to turn around and go back to Route 52, turn right and proceed to Buena Vista 6:50. Turn around at Buena Vista and proceed right turn on Tipton Lane 7:05. Turn around on Tipton Lane, turn right on Route 52 to Wamsley Road and proceed to turn around 7:17. Turn right on Route41  and proceed to Ziegler Lane 7:20. Proceed to Burts/Jane Lane and Nile Lane 7:25.

A.M. route to SCCTC

P.M. for MS & HS

Nile Lane 3:01. Burts/Jane Lane 3:05. Ziegler Lane 3:09. Wamsley 3:15. Tipton Lane 3:18. Upper Twin Creek 3:30. Lower Twin Creek 3:40. Buena Vista 3:45.