Bus # 212


MS, HS, and Elementary for sections of West Portsmouth, between Galena Pike and 10th Street, with early afternoon for pre-school.


A.M. for MS & HS


Enter Calvert's Lane and proceed to 9th Street 7:05-7:07; Turn left and proceed to Custus (Wash. Blvd), turn left on Custus and then left on 9th, then left on 8th, 7:08-7:09. Turn right on Calvert's  then right on Calvert's then right on 7th 7:10-7:11; Turn left on Custus, then left on 6th 7:11-7:12. Turn right on Calverts then right on 5th, take 5th to Short 7:12-7:13. Take Short to 4th (fire station) and turn left, take 4th to Calvert's  and turn right 7:14-7:16. Take Calvert's to 3rd and turn right, take 3rd to Washington Blvd, (Davis Funeral Home) 7:17. Take Washington Blvd to 2nd, turn left on 2nd and go to Calvert's 7:18-7:22. Turn right on Calvert's, right on Route 239 and proceed to MS & HS.


P.M. for MS & HS


Load students at MS and proceed to HS and load. Proceed to Route 52 and Route 239. Make left turn on High Street and right turn on 2nd Street. Proceed on 2nd Street to Calvert's and follow sames procedure as for AM route. Return to Elementary for pickup.


A.M. for Elementary


Elementary AM is same procedure as for MS & HS. Calvert's to 9th Street 8:03-8:05; 8th Street 8:05-8:06; 7th Street 8:07-8:08; 6th Street 8:08; 5th Street 8:12; Short Street 8:13; 4th Street 8:14-8:18; 3rd Street 8:20-8:25; 2nd Street 8:26-8:28.


P.M. for Elementary


Routes 52 & 239 to West Portsmouth. Turn left on High Street, turn right on 2nd 3:35-3:36. Turn left on Custus and right on 3rd 3:37-3:38. Take 3rd to Rapp and turn right to 2nd, turn left on 2nd take 2nd to Calvert's and turn left 3:39. Take Calvert's to Custus turn right, take Custus to 10th, turn right 3:49-3:51. Take 10th to Calvert's, turn right, take Calvert's to 8th. Continue to crisscross to lower streets 3:50-3:55, last drop-off 4:02.