Bus# 204

MS, HS, and Elementary for Slab Run and part of West Portsmouth

A.M. for MS & HS

Route 239 to Slab Run, turn left on Slab Run and proceed to bottom of Forestry Hill. Pickups 6:55-7:03. At top of hill turn right on Nauvoo Pond Creek Road and proceed to West Portsmouth pickups at 7:08. Proceed to Custus (Washington Blvd) 7:11, turn right on 9th Street 7:13. Turn right on Long Street, proceed to 16th St. 7;14-7:18. Turn right on 16th St. proceed back to Washington Blvd and turn right, turn right again on 9th St and proceed to Easy St. 7:23. Hygean Run, turn left on Hygean Run and left on 8th St 7:24-7:25. Turn right on Long St and proceed to 6th St. Ext. 7:27. Bare left on Hygean Run, left on Slab Run and proceed to Route 239 and proceed to HS 7:33, and MS 7:35.

P.M. for MS & HS

Load at MS and HS and proceed to Slab Run via Route 52/239. Proceed length of Slab Run 3:05-3:10. Go to top of hill and turn right and proceed to Custus 3:11. On to 9th, turn right on 9th 3:16. Turn right on Long, and proceed to 16th 3:17-3:21. Right on Custus 3:22. Turn right on 9th and proceed to Hygean Run, left on Hygean to 8th, left on 8th 3:26. Back to Long, right on Long to Hygean Ext 3:23, and back to left turn on Slab Run 3:31. Proceed back to elementary for pickup.

A.M. for Elementary

Left on Slab Run 7:55-8:01. Proceed to top of hill at Nauvoo Pond Creek Rd. 8:03-8:08. Proceed to Custus St (Wash. Blvd) 8:11-8:15. Turn right on 9th St., proceed to Long Street and proceed to 16th St. 8:16-8:20. Turn right on Custus and back to 9th, right on 9th, and proceed to Hygean Run 8:24-8:26. Proceed back to Slab Run, Rt 239 and Elementary 8:33.

P.M. for Elementary

Slab Run 3:55-3:58. Top of Slab Run Hill 4:06. Custus Street (Wash. Blvd) 4:11. 12th Street 4:14. Right on 9th Street 4:17. Right on Long to 16th Street 4:23. Right on 16th to Custus, right on Custus to Washington Blvd. 4:25. Return to right turn 9th Street 4:26. Proceed to Hygean and Slab Run.