The Ohio Department of Education 2013-14 Washington-Nile District Report Card.


The ODE looks at several components in measuring school district effectiveness in meeting education standards, requirements and needs. The ODE will release the next report cards in 2016.

Components used in grading districts, and the measures applied to each component include:

  • Component Achievement
    • Indicators Met Measure shows how many students have a minimum, or proficient, level of knowledge.
    • Performance Index measures the achievement of every student, not just whether or not he or she reaches "proficient
  • Component Progress
    • All Students; overall rating of a school or district.
    • Gifted Students; math, reading or superior cognitive only.
    • Students with Disabilities; all students who have an IEP and take the OAA.
    • Students in the Lowest 20 Percent of Achievement Statewide; based on distribution of scores for entire state.
  • Component Graduation Rate
    • Fourth Year Graduation Rate; only those students graduating within four years of entering ninth grade.
    • Fifth Year Graduation Rate; only those graduating within five years of entering ninth grade.
  • Component Gap Closing
    • Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs; measures the academic performance of specific groups of students.
  • Component K-3 Literacy
    • K-3 Literacy Improvement
  • Component Prepared for Success
    • College Admission Tests; participation rate and percent receiving non remediation score.
    • Dual Enrollment Credits; percent earning at least three credits.
    • Industry-Recognized Credentials; percent of students with a credential.
    • Honors Diplomas Awarded; percent of students with an honors diploma.
    • Advanced Placement; participation rate and percent scoring 3 or above.
    • International Baccalaureate Program; participation rate and percent scoring 4 or above.


See the link below for more information about how Ohio school districts are graded.

     Understanding the ODE District Report Card


See the link below to View W-N District Report Card on the ODE website.

     Washington-Nile 2013-14 District Report Card