Chris Rapp, Eden Cline, Randy Arnett, Alyson Cline, Wife Glenna Arnett, Daughter and Son-in-Law Amanda & Ben Hurte

Mr. Randy Arnett is the 2017, Washington-Nile Alumni Hall of Fame recipient. A reception and awards banquet was held this past August where he was honored by family, friends, and alumni for his outstanding and lifelong commitment to both school and community. 

Randy attended PWHS from 1969-1973, participating in football, basketball, and baseball, receiving many honors for his athletic achievements. He was a varsity basketball starter all four years; All SOC honors for three years; Scioto County League All-Star for three years. In his senior year, the SOC Championship, team captain and led the team in free throw percentage and assists. He was also the first player in school history to score 1,000 points with a total of 1,044.

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Alumni from the Class of 1966 were recognized during the high school football game September 9th.

Portsmouth West Alumni Association

The Portsmouth West Alumni Association was created due to the dedicated efforts of a former alumni, Hazeldean Meyers. Dr. Meyers contacted the school district to express her desire to have an alumni association that would facilitate a sense of ownership with the district youth and provide an annual academic scholarship to a Portsmouth West High School graduating senior.

Largely through the efforts of Dr. Meyers, the Portsmouth West Alumni Association was formed in March, 1983. Efforts were made to contact someone from various alumni classes to have a meeting to form the Portsmouth West Alumni Association.

A small group of people met to discuss the vision for the association and frame the constitution and by-laws. A definite goal for the Alumni Association was to be able to present a $1000 scholarship annually.

Several dedicated people worked diligently with fund raisers to garner enough money to be able to present scholarships through the present year. An account through the Washington-Nile Local School District Board Treasurer was implemented so that the monies can be accounted for and investments made to help perpetuate the annual scholarships.



If you have suggestions to help stimulate the participation with the Portsmouth West Alumni Association, please let us know by emailing or dropping us a note.

Why Have an Alumni Association?

An open letter from Dr. Hazeldean Meyers



My thirty plus years of working in education has taught me a lot, but one of the most fundamental things I have observed over those years is that there are many gold nuggets and diamonds in the rough in every school district and in every classroom. What troubled me the most during those years was the fact that for many of those potential and worthy students there was the lack of financial support to assist them to achieve that potential.


When I look back on my own school days,I recall many students, some whose name I can recall and most whose names I cannot; I wonder what happened to them. Why did they leave school? Where are they now?


And then I think of the times I spent with my other classmates. Back then, we were divided into four basic programs - college bound, business, home economics, and industrial arts. As I recall, teachers at that time paid more attention to the college bound, and in my class, especially the top four in the graduating class of 76 students. Did those top four succeed? Yes. Eventually they all earned college degrees or became successful business entrepreneurs.


But what about the other 72 graduates? Did they succeed? For the most part, yes. As I think about them now, I swell with pride at how they have succeeded. I wonder if my teachers back then saw the potential in those other 72? Did those classmates continue their education right away? Some went into the armed services and earned their degrees either during or after that service. Others had to wait a few years to increase their educational levels, but eventually a number of them earned a bachelor's and some a master's degree in their choson field of study.